Dealers and the wood floor experts

Is it worth it to waste your time and go to the floor store? It depends on how much you trust the installers and how much you can spend on the project. A wood contractor may charge you a little bit more and you won’t be able to verify it without visiting the store.

Those of you who would like to know what they are walking on should devote your free time to learning more about types, styles and colors of the wood floor. Before you go the hardwood flooring store, you should do research, find some information to be able to ask tricky, sophisticated questions. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Listen for personal experiences like how long ago their floor was installed, how it looks like today, what was the biggest issue (if any) with the wood floor.

You are in the store and the first thing to do is to ask for the wood floor expert. He/she is unavailable. Come back when someone knowledgeable will show up. Be prepare to explain what your wood floor goal is, for instance you have a small open kitchen or you want to replace the carpet in the bedroom. You may tell your friend’s stories about damages, scratches and color changes and ask what could be the reasons. Also you may want to ask if they can recommend the reliable wood contractors.
Remember he/she is only a salesperson and their job is to sell the products to their customers.

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