How to prevent damage to the hardwood floor

The homeowners, who decide to replace the old carpet and want to install a hardwood floor, should know some basic facts how to protect the floor. It is obvious that your floor needs the extra care to avoid any repairs and service works. The wood floor specialists are not so willing to take the small jobs and It could be very difficult to find out the honest contractor who will replace the damaged spot of your floor for a reasonable price.

First of all you should talk to the floor installers what his advice is to last a lifetime of use and if they can explain the do’s and don’ts from their experience. That may be a test whether you hire a professional team with enough knowledge of the wood floor. beyond that, here is a checklist, more information on hardwood floor than most contractors even know, let alone pass on their clients:

High heels
True grit-sand and soil
Dropping Dings
Mats and Rugs
Harsh Cleaners and other concoctions

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