Oak, hickory, walnut, maple – what to choose?

Lets start a new subject types of wood, costs, estimates and a little bit of do-it-yourself. It also should be the first article, because before we can start taking care of our beautiful wood floor, we must have it. And there are a lot of new homeowners who prefer to walk on the wood instead of carpets.

There are two options to start the new wood floor project. Call on the professional installers and let them do everything from the purchase and delivery to installation and finishing. Or do a research of hardwood flooring dealers, stores in your neighborhood, and check what they offer, what they recommend and how much it can cost you. Be aware that specialized contractors may give you higher price for materials and delivery.

During a visit in the flooring stores, you may be confused of what they can offer. There are hundreds of types, styles and colors to choose from. They have different features and functions depending on your needs and preferences. You may ask the experts what is best for your climate intend to use, whether it will in the living room or kitchen.

Here are some hints of what you should do before the installation process:

Dealers and the wood floor experts
Installers and wood contractors
Type of wood

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