Sandpaper under your feet

Do you realize that dragging things from outside across the floor, it becomes perfect sandpaper to scratch, grind, dull and dent the finish and surface? If you don’t even feel that you scratch your floor walking through it with the muddy shoes, you always leave all sorts of dirt, gravel, and tiny morsels of mud. It is not a crime to get dirt on the wood floor, it will happen – the crime is not cleaning it. It means that your floor needs to be swept, dust mopped, or vacuumed at least once a day. You must get the dirt off before all housemates start destroying the hardwood floor finish.

Since a contact with water is necessary in some cases, sand, grit and foreign matter become the number one enemy of the hardwood floor. Getting into the habit of sweeping leads to the best prevention, but who has time for this?

The easier way to protect your floor is to stop dirt from shoes coming into your building entrances. You need to buy a good mat to keep the damaging grit off your floor. The best solution is to put a tough, aggressive mat on the outside of the entry ( it will get the heavier mud, soil, grass, etc.) and an olefin or nylon mat inside (it is softer and it is designed to capture dirt and dust your shoes as you enter).

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