Slow killers: spills on the floor and the sun.

floor cleaning

As it was written, water doesn’t damage the properly protected and well-sealed hardwood floor. It is true when we wipe it up in a short time of period and don’t let it stay to dry up. Clear water does not affect the finish to the large extent but the other liquids can be dangerous. All spills of cleaners, oil, blood, alcohol, food and urine that remain on the floor may create a chemical reaction that can permanently damage the wood finish.

A friend of mine, who is the owner of Hardwood Flooring Chicago company, told me that he receives many calls from the clients regarding the white or dark spot on the wood floor. They ask how it can be removed or cleaned. Very often the only way to restore the floor to the previous condition is to refinish the whole hardwood floor ( sand and varnish it ). That could cost a lot of money so my recommendation is to keep an eye open, especially if you have the kids. The wiping not only save your floor but it can save someone from falling.

The sun can accelerate the damage process so if you leave spills of the chemical on the floor and let sun rays to accompany them, the unwanted effect will occur much quicker.

The sun itself doesn’t cause any significant problems. Maybe couple what should be mentioned. Some older varnishes and other finishes can yellow in the long time of period. The darker wood attracts more heat in the sunny days. It warm up the floor what is also impropriated.

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