The Shapes and Sizes of Standard Hardwood Flooring Pieces – part.1

Hardwood floors are installed piece by piece, and deciding on the shape and sizes of those pieces is an important installation consideration. The size of the room, the time and cost of materials and labor, colors, interior decorating plans, household use, and subfloor conditions will all be a part of the hardwood flooring decision making process. However, by narrowing down your personal preferences to shape and size you’ll be one step closer to deciding on a hardwood flooring type.

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Hardwood flooring is traditionally sold in hardwood strips, planks, parquets, tiles or blocks, and mosaics. Almost every hardwood flooring type comes in a choice of finished or unfinished wood, and you’ll find an assortment of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes beyond the traditional. Experienced professional installers and hardwood specialty stores will always welcome a custom job.

If you’re looking for a truly Americana, rustic, shaker, mission, country, or fresh outdoor look, wood planks will fulfill your dreams. Hardwood planks unabashedly show off their texture, grain and quality and add spaciousness to a room. Bleached planks look spectacular in oceanside summer vacation homes. Planks are not subtle, they make a statement. Planks vary in length, and are often referred to as “random plank.” They are wider than hardwood strips and can run over 12” wide. They are traditionally nailed in to place, but they also come in pegged and tongue and groove forms.

Hardwood strips are the most frequently installed form of hardwood flooring. These strips are long, narrow boards that run about 2 ¼ or 2 ½ inches wide and about ¾ inches thick – but there are many different sizes available. The narrowness of hardwood strips permits to floor to blend into the room’s décor and bring attention to the furniture. Light neutral tones will sway more attention to the furniture and wall décor while creating a light airy feeling. Dark, rich tones bring in warmth, intrigue and complexity and can expertly define a period style. Darker hardwoods can bring formality to a dining room and cozy comfort to a family room. Hardwood strips are a safe choice and aesthetically conform to any room.

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