Water – the enemy of the wood

If we make a survey of the most popular wood’s enemy, the unbeaten leader will be water. Everyone knows that wooden furniture or hardwood floor in prolonged contact with water will swell the wood and cause the extreme buckling. Also water may leave dark spots after it dries up, especially on the light color woods. If water can be very damaging to wood, how about porches or decks? They are exposed to water every time when the rain comes.

The degree to which we can use water depends on the integrity of the finish. If our floor is protected properly and well-sealed, we could build a swimming pool on it. On a well-finished floor dampness never touches the wood so when we mop the floor with cleaning solutions and water, we clean the finish, not the wood itself. But we never know if our floor doesn’t have small gaps where water can be absorbed by the wood.

The hardwood floor like anything else, gets dirty, need to be cleaned. Every time when we have to wash it, we should reduce the amount of water on the floor be squeezing the mop to remove the excess moisture, and also use it very quickly.

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