Pros Beat the Cons of Hardwood Floors

Every flooring type has its pros and cons, and hardwood flooring is no different. The weight of these pros and cons between flooring types will differ between homeowners. However, most homeowners that begin looking at hardwood flooring choices quickly find that the benefits of hardwood flooring far outweighs the constraints.

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The most significant deterrent to installing a hardwood floor is hardwood’s sensitivity to moisture. Even with today’s vastly improved finishes and moisture-barriers, heavy moisture is still a concern. Hardwood can absorb moisture from the top, bottom, sides and all the cracks in between. Spilled water, subfloors with condensation, wet basements, broken pipes, weather, and household temperature changes all contribute to the wear and longevity of a hardwood floor.

Typically, Chicago Hardwood Floor Installers advise against installing a wood floor in a bathroom or basement, but flooring specialists and interior designers will tell you that with the right moisture protection, preventative action, maintenance and materials, it is possible to have a hardwood floor or a laminate wood floor in a bathroom or basement. However, it requires a substantial amount of added labor and materials, and can quickly become prohibitively expensive.

In homes exposed to weather fluctuations that keep the house thermostat on a seesaw, you’ll need to control the home’s humidity level to manage the natural expansion and contraction of hardwood floors. Humidity can usually be controlled with a humidifier. Without control of the home’s humidity, hardwood floors will gap, crown and even cave in if they are left alone in a wet, humid environment with erratic temperature changes and moisture levels.

Despite hardwood flooring’s sensitivity to moisture, the pros of hardwood floors tend to surpass those of alternate flooring choices. Financially, hardwood floors increase the value of a home, and add to its structural integrity. If properly cared for they can last the lifetime of a home. But these advantages are reflected in the retail prices of hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are more expensive than many other flooring choices.

Chicago Cleaning Services said that hardwood floors are reasonably easy to maintain, and are far easier to care for than carpets. If dents, scratches and stains become unsightly over the years, sanding and refinishing is all it takes to rejuvenate the floor. Hardwood floors also provide more comfort to the feet compared to vinyl, ceramic and stone. Many kitchen connoisseurs remodel their kitchens with hardwood floors exactly for that trait.

Hardware floors are incredibly versatile in interior design, and can fit into almost any period, and in any room. The colors, grains, finishes, and styles of hardwood floors can make a room light and airy or cozy and comfortable. Hardwood floors can make a statement in one room, show off furniture in another room, or pull a subtle transition through multiple rooms. Hardwood flooring can turn a room into a rustic retreat, or it can create a room for elegant and engaging dining and entertainment. There is no other flooring that fits into as many interior design plans as hardware flooring. This versatility lets hardwood floors easily conform to furniture, décor and design changes that incur over the years. For young families and growing families, hardwood floors can grow and change with the lifestyles of the home.

If you are leaning towards hardwood flooring, your two biggest concerns will be moisture exposure and the price of hardwood. You can be confident that a hardwood floor will improve your home, fit in with your interior design, give you a return on your investment, and grow with your family. A homeowner’s flooring decision is based on individual needs and preferences. Most homeowners will find that a hardwood floor is versatile enough to meet their needs, and the pros of a hardwood floor far outweigh the cons.

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